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Tonehammer Anti Drum I & II KONTAKT DVDR-SUNiSO

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Tonehammer Anti Drum I & II KONTAKT DVDR-SUNiSO Empty Tonehammer Anti Drum I & II KONTAKT DVDR-SUNiSO

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Tonehammer Anti Drum I & II

Tonehammer | Anti Drum I & II | KONTAKT | DVDR | SUNiSO | 2 GB

The Tonehammer Anti-Drum contains 19
unconventional percussive instruments sampled in a variety of exotic
locations totalling about 1GB and 2400 samples.
It is a celebration of every day objects and sounds transforming into
new- and interesting musical instruments. The Anti-Drum instruments
ranges from workboot stomps to water bottle thwacks, clicking baby
toys, wall balls, ukulele and guitar drums, to shock mount thunks and
clapping ensembles. Many of instruments have been sampled in orchestral
halls and large studio rooms, so they have a natural acoustic verb,
which allows instant integration into scoring templates.Features:

    • Antidrum Hall ensemble – the biggest and best of Antidrum’s large hall percussion, right at your fingertips
    • Antidrum Room ensemble – the tightest and most playable of Antidrum’s small hall percussion ensembles.
    • Alien Tube – This horrible little thing is a plastic tube with a sliding widget inside, recorded in a small bright hall.
    • Boot Stomps – heavy steel toed boots stomping on a hard tile floor, recorded in a large bright hall.
    • Clap Ensemble – 4 guys clapping in a small bright hall
    • Clap Solo – Close, dry hand and wrist claps and grabs programmed for fast, tight percussion parts.
    • Clicky Toy – Small plastic clicky, squeaky baby toy in a large bright hall.
    • Couch Ensemble – sticks striking leather couches in a small bright hall.
    • Djembe Ensemble – metal djembes played in a small bright hall. Includes side clicks, strikes and strikes with shouts.
    • Drum Circle – Djembes, mixed small percussion, didgeridoo and other stuff in a small bright hall, cut into loops at various tempos.
    • Guitardrum – Acoustic guitar played as a
      drum with bare hands in a large bright hall. Includes metal string
      slides and effects.
    • Handball Court Drums – Djembe strikes,
      clicks and hand claps, recorded inside a giant outdoor concrete cube.
      Springy and weird.
    • Hot Tub Knock – Underwater hot tub thumps, recorded using a stereo pair of hydrophones.
    • Nailgun – Pneumatic nail gun driving large nails into 1/2″ plywood sheets. Recorded in an outdoor construction site.
    • Shockmount – A stereo pair of large
      diaphragm mics in special shock mounts being gently thumped. It
      actually sounds really cool.
    • Shouts – Male ensemble shouting in a small bright hall, with stabs and swells.
    • Sneaker Screeches – Converse All-Stars stomping and screeching on tile floor in a large, bright hall.
    • Ukedrum – Ukulele played backwards as a drum. Recorded close and dry, with 3 variably dampened articulations.
    • Wallball – A big red rubber ball being bounced and struck with a drumstick in a large bright hall.
    • Water Cooler Ensemble – Big plastic water-cooler bottles being whacked with drumsticks in unison, in a large bright hall.

    • Indoor, outdoor, hall and studio
      recordings. Please note that both outdoor field recordings and hall
      ensemble recordings are especially prone to human, animal and other
      random noise pollution finding it’s way into samples.
      It’s just a reality of sampling in the real world, but we think little
      flaws in otherwise outstanding recordings can add a lot of natural
      character and flavor to mixes. We aim to be more human than machine,
      though we are in fact made of cold, hard metal and wires. And also
    • An average of 6-8 velocities / with 8-10 repetitions pr. velocity)
    • 19 instrument collections, 26 patches, 2440 samples, 933 MB installed, 297 MB .rar download
    • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo wav format
    • Format(s): Kontakt and .wav
    • Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2 / 3 / 4 full retail versions required.
    • Note: Free Kontakt Player will only work for 30 minutes with this product. Full version required to remove this restriction.


Anti-Drum II
is a follow-up to our popular Anti-Drum I, however we wanted to push
the bar even further in terms of abstract percussion. This library is
an ideal toolbox for all forms of experimental, industrial, electronic,
IDM, glitch, sound design and even for providing fresh and inspiring new material for all types of scoring. The library contains 4.556 samples
and 76 different instrument patches that each represent a unique
texture. The library contains a variety of instruments recorded in our
signature hall, including boom whackers, PVC pipe percussion ensemble to flower vases, glasses, rainsticks, soda bottles. We also included a supreme set of music box samples,
which were recorded in several locations including large hall, studio
and so forth. The library also contains a variety of even more
unconventional instruments ranging from human beats through a cellphone
(10 round robin and 10 velocity layers), stop watches and a
compressive patch of what we call: “human trumpets”.

  • * Air Traffic Control
  • * Baritone Sax Phrases
  • * Boom Whackers (10 velo / 10 round-robin / hall)
  • * Box Bang (hall)
  • * Cellphone Human Beat Box
  • * Soda Bottle Staccato (10 velo / hall)
  • * Finger Snaps
  • * Fuzz Kit
  • * Garbage Day (hall)
  • * Human Trumpet
  • * Massives (sound design)
  • * Music Boxes (big hall, small hall, studio)
  • * PVC Ensemble Patches (hall)
  • * PVC Orchestra (hall)
  • * PVC Mega Horn (hall)
  • * PVC Solo Patches (hall)
  • * PVC Beat Box Ensemble (hall)
  • * PVC Vocal Effects (hall)
  • * Plastic Water Jug(hall)
  • * Rainstick (hall)
  • * Restroom Handle Bars
  • * Slinky Experiment
  • * Stop Watch
  • * The Deceiver
  • * Thunder Drum
  • * Tuned Water Glasses (hall)
  • * Tuned Water Bowl (hall)
  • * Un-glass
  • * Warbly Little Synth Kit
  • * Wooden Plant Box (hall)
  • * 76 instrument patches, 4.556 samples, 2.18 GB installed.
  • * 44.1kHz/16bit and 48kHz/24bit mono and stereo .wav formats
  • * Format(s): Kontakt and .wav (note: Kontakt 2 not supported for bonus content)
  • * Note: Native Instruments Kontakt full cracked by AiR or DYNAMiCS required to decrypt the library.
  • * Note: Free Kontakt Player will only work for 30 minutes with this product. Full version required to remove this restriction.

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

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